Christmas Pop Up Boxes 2017


I would like to share my Christmas pop up boxes that I have made this year.

To make the pop up box you need to cut a piece of card measuring approx 25.5 cms by 15 cms.

Score the longest length at 7 cms, this means that the bottom of your box will measure 8 cms and the top 7 cms.

Turn the card and score at 6 cms, 12 cms, 18 cms and 24 cms. Cut these score lines and then fold three of the flaps down leaving one, this will make the back of the pop up card.

You are then left with a piece measuring 1.5 cms, cut half of this away leaving the other half to glue and make the box.

For the inside of the card you need two pieces of card measuring 9 cms by 5 cms. Score each end at 1.5 cms and glue both pieces to the inside of the box. These are used for your decorations. You can add card or acetate to your decorations if you need a little more height.

To decorate I have measured the following:
Bottom matt and layers : 7.5 cms by 5.5 cms and 6.5 cms by 4.5 cms
Top matt and layers : 6.5 cms by 5.5 cms and 5.5 cms by 4.5 cms
Long length (inside and out) matt and layers : 14.5 cms by 5.5 cms and 13.5 cms by 4.5 cms



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