Sketch Book Chapter IX The Best of Breeds Volume II : Posy Boxes


Here are some extra instructions on how to make the posy boxes that are on the Pollyanna Pickering cd-roms.

You do get instructions on the printouts but I know that when I first put one together I got a little confused.

For these instructions I have used the Border Collie posy box.

To make this posy box you will need :

A4 White Card
Sketch Book Chapter IX The Best of Breeds Volume II Cd-Rom
Wet Glue


Print off all the sheets from the cd-rom to make the posy box. You should have the body, inside lid, outside lid and base.

First cut out the body elements and score the bottom lines and body lines and fold.

Using wet glue attach both body pieces together

Next cut out the base.

Put this inside the box body making sure that the patterned paper is on the outside.

Using wet glue attach the bottom of the posy box to the base.

Next cut out the inside lid. Score all the lines and using wet glue attach all the tabs to the underside of the flaps.

Cut out the outside lid. Score and fold the outer flaps.

Added wet glue to the top of the inside lid and attach the outside lid.

The lid then fits inside the posy box body as the outside lid will rest on the top of the body.

You can then decorate the posy box.

Here is another posy box from the cd-rom.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please feel free to make any of my designs.

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One thought on “Sketch Book Chapter IX The Best of Breeds Volume II : Posy Boxes”

  1. janet robbins says:

    Thank you for the instructions, I have quite a few of Pollyanna Pickering discs. Have used them for card making but not a posy box for a birthday gift, could not remember or find any instructions, needed to make one today, grateful th at you shared how to put them together.

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